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    7 May 1967
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Shivdham, a Hindu Crematorium in Mumbai

Residing in the Western suburbs of Mumbai for more than 60 years, my father, Mr. Kashiprasad Murarka noticed that there wasn’t a single well-maintained crematorium in the area. At our personal expense, we built Shivdham!

Typically, a Shmashan Bhoomi brings to our minds a shoddy, congested, unhygienic picture. But Shiv Dham is neat, clean, and has all the basic facilities for the cremation. Usually, in the Shmashan Bhoomi, staff will be rough, greedy, under the influence of alcohol. But, the ones here are competent, cooperative, polite and helpful. Shivdham truly provides a peaceful, clean, and nice final resting place for our loved ones.

About Shivdham

Shivdham is a one-of-a-kind crematorium located in the Western suburbs of Mumbai. When it was built, it was acclaimed as the most beautifully constructed Hindu crematoriums in Mumbai.