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    Industrialist and Philanthropist
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    7 May 1967
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From Trainee to an Industrialist!

I started my career as a trainee in the company under the guidance of my father and mentor Mr Kashiprasad Murarka who started the company Mirachem Industriies in 1975, to cater to the textile industry which was then developing into a technology-oriented industry for domestic markets.

I was stationed at the plant to understand the operations under many supervisors. In those days, my father insisted that I should become so capable that these bosses should ask me for my valuable inputs for further improvement. At first, I thought “This is impossible” because I had just joined. Soon, I realised it was my dad’s belief in me that I should live up to by all means. Well, it happened! Within 5 months, I was able to deliver my responsibilities successfully and live up to my father’s expectations.

Family business is all about teamwork. Everybody is involved in it. However, irrespective of whatever fleet of people you have, you have to be totally involved to get the desired output.    

Me The marketeer

In the last 14-15 years, ever since I started handling the marketing, I expressed my desire to go global. The entire globe looks at Asian countries for their sourcing of fabric, and that’s where we decided to expand our presence. We look forward to further broaden the spectrum wherever we can.

At Mirachem, we achieve success through corporate governance, employee engagement and outstanding practices in managing the organisation towards achieving results, all based on a set of fundamental concepts and core values.