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    Industrialist and Philanthropist
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    7 May 1967
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Construction of an air conditioned bus stand!

Lachhmangarh Mega-Utility Structure – Giving back To Our Roots

I believe it is important to give back to our roots, from where we belong…the community we once grew up with at Lachhmangarh our hometown.

1) Fully Air-Conditioned Bus Stand – A first of its kind, this fully air conditioned Bus Stand named after my grandparents built by our family trust ‘Samarpn’ with the cooperation of the Rajasthan government. All long distance Express buses halt at Shri Chiranjilal Badamidevi Murarka Bus Stand, its our gift to the residents of Lachchmangarh.

2) Lady Police Complex – The lady Police personnel in our hometown Lachhmangarh faced inadequate housing and infrastructure facilities that posed greater inconvenience to their living conditions. Through our family Trust we built built a 2 storey fully AC living Quarters completely furnished with all necessary facilities for a comfortable stay.

3) Lawyers Chamber – For years there was no proper facility for the practicing lawyers at Lachhmangarh. On the earnest request from the Bar Council, we could attend to their appeals and upheld their dignity with a space of their own, built a well-equipped Lawyers Chambers with all basic facilities like rest rooms, dining area and a well-equipped library.

4) Public Toilets – Clean India Mission At Lachhmangarh
Taking inspiration from Hon. PM Narendra Modi Ji’s “Swacch Bharat Abhiyan,” we have built new Toilets at Lachhmangarh for public utility. We believe in the “Clean India Mission" the collective nationwide cleanliness drive: to clean up the country. It’s our humble tribute Mahatma Gandhi ji, who wanted to make sanitation a priority for India more than a century ago.

My grandfather Shri Chiranjilal Murarka jee a freedom fighter in his youth, later as a social worker and a philanthropist, tirelessly worked for the community. He always reiterated that “do not forget your roots". We are trying to do just that.. walk in his footsteps…!!!"In the coming years, we hope to continue with the philanthropic endeavors for the benefit of society at large."